About Bio-Race International Corparation.

Established in Jan 2001, Bio-Race (Former Win-leader Biotechnology) is a specialized skin care solution supplier who provides most advanced skin care solution primarily for Dermatologist, Medi-Spas, Beauty Salon and private label skin care customers around the world. We act as an extension of your own company, regardless of your size.

Win-leader's extensive experience in private label skin care manufacturing and formulation is designed to help you get your skin care products to market on-time and on-budget. We will always go the extra mile to meet your market needs. Our goal is to provide superior private label manufacturing services, leaving you free to focus on your area of expertise.

Win-Leader's top skincare R&D team pays close attention to the latest trends in the beauty industry and the development of new ingredients. Win-Leader's R&D team develops high quality skincare products that are in sync with the latest international market trend. Skincare formula developed by Win-Leader's R&D team has been adopted by internationally renowned brands.

Promises & Insistence
We promise---
1.Efficiency is over than medical beauty
2.Quality assurance
3.Professional research and development team
4.Efficient and safe
We insist---
Insist on provide pure and harmless ingredients to the consumers
Eliminate harmful ingredients used in common cosmetics
Strictly self-claim ourselves to lead other developed countries
Eliminate artificial spices, pigments, preservatives, and alcohol, as well as problematic ingredients directly and indirectly damage to the skin
Eliminate 26 harmful spices regulated in EU 
Eliminate 102 ingredients can cause skin dysfunction and be harmful to health announced by “MINISTRY OF HEALTH, LABOUR AND WELFARE”