Ilomastat Ultimate Stretch Mark & Scar Removal Solution

Core Technology - Ilomastat is suitable for all type of innovative antiaging products

is one of the most exciting innovative anti-aging actives. It inhibits specifically all important MMPs and preserves the skin nearly quantitatively against the degenerative processes of suninduced photoaging.
*MMPs, chemical reactions within skin cells can cause adverse outcomes such as blistering, inflammation or accelerated collagen degradation.

Ilomastat contains as its active ingredient the biotechnologically produced human identical tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases 2 (TIMP-2) in a ready to use cosmetic solution. The addition of Ilomastat attenuates the signs of aging by reducing the degenerative effects of excessive MMP activity.

Ilomastat Efficacy tests:

 90% of the subjects (9 of 10) showed a reduction in the wrinkle number and depth of wrinkles. All the subjects showed reduction in the roughness of skin after the product application. Quantitation of the number depth and roughness of wrinkles is shown in the adjacent figure.
The efficacy of Ilomastat is ultimately proved in a visible reduction of stretch marks, as it can be seen in the pictures below:

Application: Ilomastat can be used in anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and moisturizing skin care products for all types of skin (dry, normal, and sensitive). It can be used in post-sun products and is particularly useful in products intended for the treatment of mature skin. It may also be used in treatment makeup products.