Unislim:A combination of two weight-loss effect of plant extracts which are green coffee + Yerba mate, Majorly promote lipase activation (Yerba mate) and reduce fat accumulation in fat cells (green coffee) to achieve weight-loss and body sculpting effect.Perfect for those complaining of loss of skin tone and those who want to lose inches. Results of thigh perimeter reduction of nearly 2 cm in 56 days.  
Bodyfit:is the main active ingredient which is extracted from Glaucine. It can inhibit the production of peroxide, release of elastase and fine adjustment intracellular calcium message, reduce the intracellular accumulation of fat and water and thus increase muscle skin firmness. It can be described as excellent treatment against cellulite.
 Clinical study over 56 days on 17 female volunteers applying twice daily a cream containing 2.5% Bodfit on one thigh.
  • Amplitude of fat deposits and roughness by fringe projection (FOITS).
  • Alleviation of water retention by Moister-Meter D (Delfin Technologies).
  • Skin firmness measured by cutometry on 13 emalevolunteers after 28 days of treatment.

 SVELTONYL LS 8989:is the natural herbal active ingredient. No caffeine, theophylline and other substances therefore low irritation. It can stimulate lipolysis to enhance similar effect like caffeine and theophylline. Also , it promotes water metabolism, accelerates fat cells break down and improves cellulite especially for body sculpting Cellulite.  

Corum 9235is the main ingredients of Vanillyl butyl ether which the extract from Vanila. User will feel like capsaicin-like fever but without irritation caused by capsaicin or menthol extracts. It can promote blood circulation, helping fat metabolism with comfortable and long-lasting effect to achieve slimming effect by increasing skin temperature and promoting subcutaneous fat burning.