What is Ilomastat

Ilomastat is a broad-spectrum matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor.is one of the most exciting innovative anti-aging actives. It inhibits specifically all important MMPs and preserves the skin nearly quantitatively against the degenerative processes of suninduced photoaging. 

After 4 weeks of Ilomastat use 
Visual Evaluation: 60% of study participants showed clearly visible overall improvement.
Wrinkle Count: 50% of study participants showed a decrease in the number of whole wrinkles counted.
Wrinkle Length: 50% of study participants demonstrated efficacy in the appearance enhancing in wrinkle length.
The most wrinkle participant showed a 26% shortening of wrinkles

The efficacy of Ilomastat is ultimately proved in a visible reduction of stretch marks, as it can be seen in the pictures below:

can be used in anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and moisturizing skin care products for all types of skin (dry, normal, and sensitive). It can be used in post-sun products and is particularly useful in products intended.