EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) is a bio-medicine used in the treatment of the leg part of diabetic ulcers patients by protein that can heal the troubled part of the skin and it was known that EGF has a rejuvenating function to heal naturally the skin without a scars. EGF is used to heal the leg part diabetic ulcers, burns and wounds because it accelerates the growth of fibroblasts and fibroblast cells and stimulate collagen and elastin and stimulates the cells to accelerate the secretion of hyaluronic acid.EGF gives soothing effects to exhausted skin, and makes it comfortable, and maintains the oil-moisture balance, making the skin moist and soft all the time and effects on anti-inflammatory, anti-dermatitis, anti-allergy and pimples. 

 Canadian Willowherb:Anti-allergic inflammation herb extracts,Canadian willowherb extract, is 100% natural plant surfactant with high biological activity. It performs anti-oxidation, anti-irritant, anti-bacterial (acne bacteria) and resistance of the abnormal secretion of biological activity by androgen. It can also eliminate free radicals, reduce the erythema that caused by chemical and UV radiation and excellent anti-acne effect with fast response, efficacy strong feature.U.S. patents.  
 KAVA:Originated from the South Pacific kingdom of Tonga, kava plant extracts. the extraction process is completely non-alcoholic, with a mild narcotic, sedative effect; apply for after-sun skin care, anti-itching, soothing the skin care products and other demands.  
 German Chamomile Extract: French manufacturers CRODAROM utilize of unique micro extraction technology to extracted from German chamomile flower. It feature purification, anti-inflammatory, soothing, often being used in whitening skin care products to reduce sun damage, skin melanin deposition and also moisturize seneitive skin to make skin smooth and delicate. For all type of skin. Because the extraction riches in a variety of plants with high antioxidant polyphenols and flavonoids, therefore it functions anti-inflammatory, reducing burns, blisters, inflammation of the wound and helping wound healing. It also can help improve eczema, acne, psoriasis, hypersensitive skin and allergies, heal broken capillaries, improve skin elasticity, strengthen muscles Skin tissue, eliminate swelling. It is an excellent skin conditioning repair purification products.  
 BIOPHYTEX: A compound of extraxts from five plants and yeast: Includes broom, calendula, gotu kola, horse chestnut, yeast, Licorice and other herbal essence, rich in flavonoids, glycyrrhizic acid, terpenes ,. Saponins and other active ingredients for anti-inflammatory, soothing, sun repair, reduce skin sensitivity, recover symptoms such as red allergy with significantly effect.