Product Description:
So far, resveratrol is the best ingredient of all anti-oxidized substance. The ability of anti-oxidization is 20-50 times of L-ascorbic acid. 

Adding resveratrol with L-ascorbic acid, the effect of anti-aging is maximized. Applying with patent amphiphilic solvent, both hydrophilic and lipophilic antioxidant works efficiently as the ingredients is fully penetrated. The product makes skin tender, more elastic and improves skin tone, achieve rejuvenation. 

To inhibit collagen enzyme to consume the collagen, so the collagen is increased. The skin is tightening with elasticity. Resvertrol can enhance the self defended of cells, repair the damaged DNA. It belongs to hydrophilic antioxidant and is able to repress carcinogens caused by UVB light.