Product Description:

Placenta Essence & Serum

Main Ingredients: 

* Lipidure PMB 
* Sodium PCA 
* Betaine <moisturizers>
* β-glucan 

1. Moisturizing: Placenta contains various nutrients such as amino acids, minerals and many others which are able to improve the moisturization to make the skin a bright and shiny.
2. Cell activation: Placenta ifunctions skin blood circulation and thus improve the respiration and metabolism of skin cells.
3. Whitening: Placenta can not only absorb some UV-A and UV-B, but also inhibit Tyrosinase to directly reduce the formation of melanin to prevent black spots, freckles and sunspot.
4. Hair root activation: Placenta helps hair root cells activation, thus enhancing hair growth.
5. Anti-inflammatory: Placenta prevents inflammation caused by the UV irritation (erythema, edema, etc.) to thus enhancing hair growth.