Smooth fine lines and wrinkle, energize your skin cells metabolism.

CoQ10 is a coenzyme essential for the production of energy that keeps the body running. When our skin ages, free radicals interfere with collagen production and cause premature aging. Coenzyme Q10 has exceptional natioxidant propertise against UVA-induced depletion of cell membrane; preventing damage to collagen and elastic fiber production process and reduce wrinkles formulation. 

CoQ10 serum is an anti-aging product providing protection against facial-expression fine lines and wrinkles and reducing our skin cell DNA aging process. This will increase our skin Hyaluronic acid generation and enhance our cells metabolism making our skin looks younger.

1. Smoothen and diminish fines and wrinkles
2. Prevent and slow down skin from againg, improve our skin firmness
3. Enhance our skin cells metabolism
4. One of the cell energy source