What is 9GF?
  • EGF ( Epidermal Growth Factor)
  • bFGF ( basic Fibroblast Growth Factor)
  • IGF ( Insulin-like Growth Factor)
  • KGF ( Keratinocyte Growth Factor)
  • SCF ( Stem Cell Factor)
  • TGFβ3  ( Trnasforming Growth Factor- β3)
  • TRX ( Thioredoxin)
  • VEGF ( Vascular Epithelial Growth Factor)
  • aFGF (Acid Fibroblast Growth Factor )
What does 9GF serum works?

Rejuvenate Skin:

9GF serum can stimulate skin cell of the ectoderm and endoderm such as corneal epithelial and endothelial cells, epidermis, dermis layer of cells (eg fibroblasts, mesenchymal cells), mammary gland and stromal cells, etc., to proliferation and migration, speed up the metabolism to achieve rejuvenation effect.

Moisture skin:

9GF serum can promote biosynthesis the DNA, RNA, and \ to protein, can promote the synthesis of extracellular macromolecules (such as hyaluronic acid, elastic fiber protein), improves skin moisture content, thus improving skin elasticity, moisturizing the skin.

Smooth wrinkles and fine lines:

9GF serum tranport cell nutrients from the extracellular to the intracellular to supply cell nutrition. It also stimulate dermal cells to proform synthesis of collagen, polysaccharide, glycoprotein and other functional molecules, so that full of subcutaneous dermal tissue, muscle fibers closely aligned to reduce and smoothen wrinkles.

Wound repairing:

9GF receptor stimulation with epidermal (including a variety of tissue-derived epithelial cells, a variety of mesenchymal cells) cells into the cell division cycle, start some of the important functions of intracellular gene activation, expression, secretion of biologically active proteins. Linear arrangement of collagen was to promote epidermal cell growth and fast rules and timely coverage of the wounds. Significantly speed up the wound healing  caused by beauty, cosmetic surgery and other skin trauma to reduce scar and pigmentation.

Prevent pigmentation:

The proliferation of 9GF serum on epidermal cells have a stronger role in promoting epidermal cells to become younger after use, so there is less pigment in the epidermis of dead cells will be residued and accumulated, hence it whitens skin, eliminates the bruising and prevents other abnormal skin pigment. For removing blotches and recovery phases of treatment can effectively curb stain recurrence by using 9GF serum.

Prevent and treat of dry skin:

Because 9GF serum has a strong epidermal cell proliferation and promote the role of nourishing the skin, 9GF can be very effective in prevention and treatment of dry and cold winter weather causes skin dryness.

Repair skin allergies:

After 2-3 months using 9GF serum, the skin resistance will be significantly enhanced, hereby lower the incidence of sensitivity.

Improve facial redness:

Red blood, also known as telangiectasia, the formation of red or purple macular, point-like or linear damage, and more without symptoms, sometimes burning or irritation, is caused by the ustained expansion of small blood vessels on the skin and mucous membranes for some reason. The role of the 9GF can promote the proliferation and differentiation of vascular wall cells, improve microcirculation and recover capillary flexibility to solve the telangiectasia.