Organic Trehalose Aqua Solution Mask is a hydration, nourishing and antioxidant skin care solution that containing natural marine plant extracts. Organic Trehalose Aqua Solution  provides extra moisture anti-oxidant and and anti-inflammatory to your skin.  You will experience extremely moisturized, smooth and supple skin in a next morning. It is 100% natural and organic skin treatment.

Main ingredients from the sea and the benefits:
  • Sargassum crassifolium: anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, moisture and promote skin elasticity.
  • Lithothamnium: improves skin cell metabolism, rejuvenation and firmness. 
  • Fucusvesiculosus: revitalizes texture and appearance.
  • Chlamydomonas: anti-oxidant and moisture.
  • Pelvetia: Lightening & Brightening , DNA-protectionanti-inflammatory and inhibits elastase which mediates connective tissue destruction. 
  • Bryopsis plumosa: prevents skin ageing, skin irritation, itch, to soften skin, decrease skin dryness, promotes healing of scratches, cracks, improve the skin appearance and reduces the effects of sun damage.
  • Alginate soften, hydrate, and soothe skin and leave it feeling silky and soft.
  • Dictyopteris repensreduces the skin's pigmentation.
  • Lobophora variegata;  antibacterial,anti-inflammatory.
No plaster added
Neutral pH
Mixing ratio 1:6
Setting Time: 10-15 minutes
Color upon request


Organic Trehalose Aqua Solution Mask cleanses the skin, removal facial dead skin, foften the horny, balance grease, promote blood circulation in skin cells, play a role in wrinkle removal, spot removing, whitening moisture, diminish inflammation, reducing wrinkles. After using, skin feeling immature smooth , whitening and soft, more elastic and youthful vitality.

How to Use:
 Use 10g Trehalose powder and 60g water in the container to be mixed and makes a flim on your face about 15-20 minutes,then peel it off.

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