Oceanic Bio-Cellulose Mask (OceanBio X)
-New Generation Bio-Cellulose Mask

  • Perfectly fit-optimally clings on the curvy facial contour.
  • High absorptive power and excellent expansibility.
  • Smooth fine lines and deep cleaning. 
  • Biodegradability (Eco-friendly, 100% organic from sea plant). Enhance lightness of skin and incredibly soft texture.
  • Multi function facial mask – plus performance through this effective skin care mask. 
The benefits that other Bio-Cellulose masks don't have:
  • Slow release - Complete serum absorption into skin.
  • Cost Save - better price and highest water holding capacity-less serum (over 1/2) used than usual
  • High Transparency - care skin every where even in office.
  • More hygienic - Not synthesized by bacteria like Bio-Cellulose
  • Longer lasting adhere 
  • Natural anti-inflammatory
  • Reduce size of pores

Oceanic Bio-Cellulose Mask (OceanBio X) is Made from natural nano fiber of marine plants 

Sargassum crassifolium: anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, moisture and promote skin elasticity.
Lithothamnium: improves skin cell metabolism, rejuvenation and firmness. 
Fucusvesiculosus: revitalizes texture and appearance.
Chlamydomonas: anti-oxidant and moisture.
Pelvetia: Lightening & Brightening , DNA-protection, anti-inflammatory and inhibits elastase which mediates connective tissue destruction. 
Bryopsis plumosa: prevents skin ageing, skin irritation, itch, to soften skin, decrease skin dryness, promotes healing of scratches, cracks, improve the skin appearance and reduces the effects of sun damage.
Alginate:  soften, hydrate, and soothe skin and leave it feeling silky and soft.
Dictyopteris repens: reduces the skin's pigmentation.
Lobophora variegata;  antibacterial,anti-inflammatory.

Experiment of Serum Absorption Into Skin
1. Drop red color ink onto OceanBio X film 2. After 3-5 minutes, take off OceanBio X  3. Same shape of red color ink on skin
  Occlusive Dressing Treatment (ODT)
OceanBio X does perform Occlusive Dressing Treatment (ODT) which will raise skin surface's temperature, thus leading to skin-pore opening and finally making liquid formula penetrate into skin easily.

92.7% Sebum Removal Capability

 Due to OceanBio X structure and unique density gradient configuration, it performs excellent cability to remove excess sebum from skin (92.7% sebum removed); while other biocellulose mask has just poor performance for sebum removal (27.1% sebum removed). This shows OceanBio X has the best capability of deep cleansing into skin pores.
High dermal transfer efficiency
The aim of this test was to compare the effectiveness of glycerin serum transportation into the transepidermal skin layer by using OceanBio X and the other thick BC mask as carriers. The control group was the data of TEWL without using any material.

According to the graph, after using the OceanBio X as the carrier, the TEWL reduced 36%, it was much more effective than the control group increasing TEWL 3.5% without use any BC as the carrier, and the other thick BC mask increasing TEWL 9.4% after use. This proves OceanBio X has the better performance of dermal transfer efficiency than the thick BC mask.

Application of OceanBio X

Face Mask: OceanBio  mask makes all the difference in the world for your skin with high dermal transfer efficiency.

Eye Mask: OceanBio eye mask provides great adherence to stick masks on eye areas.

Nose Mask: This unbelievable mask helps you create a purple cow product, especially it is suitable for Asian skin with the vast demand in the market.

Neck Mask: Turkey neck is somehow that every woman will be reluctant to see it. Grab your time, you may prevent the turkey neck as early as possible.

Other Masks:If you are planning to develop a new mask product, we are ready to offer you the total solution of customized service aiming.